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FINDA’s How to Debate: Democracy feat. David Bender 16/06

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With the upcoming UK referendum and US presidential election sparking intense debates on democracy and politics, FINDA is hosting another topical workshop in the “How to debate” series – how to debate democracy with [...]

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Team Finland is looking for a coach – Apply by 13/06

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The objective of Team Finland is to grant debaters further possibilities to reach a high level of debating aptitude, get more Finnish debaters out there in the big tournaments, and most important of all, [...]

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IDEA Debate Exchange 2016 – Apply by 05/06

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The IDEA Debate Exchange 2016 will take place from July 26 to August 2 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The organizers will offer an interesting and diverse program of workshops, practice opportunities, social events and a [...]

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FINDA’s How to Debate: Sex & Gender feat. Brian Wong

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Next up in FINDA’s “How to Debate” series we are discussing one of the most requested topics – we are incredibly happy to host “How to debate sex & gender” by the brilliant Brian [...]

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Helsinki Open 2016

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Helsinki Open 2016 is now behind us and what a tournament it was! Contestants from various countries, expert judges, and very competitive teams; what’s not to like. All in all we saw 36 teams, [...]


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