FINDA’s How to Debate: Sex & Gender feat. Brian Wong

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rsz_113151811_1771297946472285_9094919076177760716_nNext up in FINDA’s “How to Debate” series we are discussing one of the most requested topics – we are incredibly happy to host “How to debate sex & gender” by the brilliant Brian Wong!

From debate motions to real-world discussions, sex and gender are complex issues with various questions relating to discrimination, identity and minorities being subject of intense debates. What are sex and gender, and how are they different? How do they relate to feminist theory and LGBT+ movements with their internal divisions? How does this context play into debates on sex and gender? Not only will Brian answer these questions, they will also be answering questions by debaters just like you during the workshop!

Brian Wong has been extremely successful in both European and Asian debate circuits, winning the Shanghai International Debate Open 2016, making it to the finals of English National Mace Championships 2016, Inner Temple IV 2016 and Singapore Debate Open 2015 and breaking at a vast variety of competitions including Manchester IV 2016 and Imperial Open 2015. Thanks to their great experience and track record as a judge and a coach, they will also be one of the fantastic independent adjudicators you may meet at the Helsinki Open 2016 this month!

The workshop requires no prior background in debating or in-depth knowledge of the topic, and everyone is warmly welcome to join! Participating societies will have a chance to ask Brian questions via a thread on this Facebook event during the session. The event will be coordinated simultaneously in 6 Finnish debating societies under FINDA as the first in a series of coordinated workshops.

Looking for the society viewing closest to you? Here is a list of Finnish debating societies happy to have you on Monday 30th of May, starting at 18:00!

Aalto & Helsinki Debating Societies shared viewing: HYY conference room Rydman (Kaivokatu 10 A, 9th floor)
Joensuu Debate Society: location to be announced soon
Jyväskylä Debate Society: location to be announced soon
UTA Debate Society: location to be announced soon
UTU Debating Club: location to be announced soon

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