High-Schools Training in Helsinki area

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rsz_12801180_928730063908666_5184775404599368118_nUniversity debaters continue their collaboration with schools in the spring 2016 as well. The previous weekend, an event was organized by the active students of Ressu High School, with judging help from debaters of Aalto and Helsinki university debating societies. The “Ressu Fun Debate” gathered together 18 students, 3 organizers and 8 university judges to engage in debate skills training, in World Schools format. There were three debates: one was prepared and the other two were “impromptu”, with 30 minutes preparation time.

The motions read:
Debate 1: This house would give the public the power, via referendum, to pardon whistleblowers. (Prepared)

Debate 2: This house believes that the state should not fund any work of art or perfomance that the average cititzens would not recognise as having artistic merit.

Debate 3: This house believes that feminists should endorse conscripting women to the Finnish army rather than abolishing conscription.

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