Team Finland is looking for a coach – Apply by 13/06

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rsz_untitled_designThe objective of Team Finland is to grant debaters further possibilities to reach a high level of debating aptitude, get more Finnish debaters out there in the big tournaments, and most important of all, strengthen the Finnish debating culture. As a coach you will be a key figure in making this happen. The position lasts from September 2016 to December 2016. Once this period is over, you are welcome to apply for the next semester. This position requires you to commit your time to help Finnish debaters reach their maximum potential as debaters.

Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot guarantee monetary compensation to any of the persons involved in the team. Seeking sponsor money to cover at least some of the costs is a high priority for the organization team, but we cannot give any guarantees. The coach’s expected key responsibilities are:

  • Finalizing the team Finland concept together with the organizing team
  • Creating coaching program for the team
  • Organizing 1-2 training sessions per month (4-6 hours each, may need to travel within Finland, likely during weekends)
  • If possible, attending the two tournaments where the team is expected to participate The coach will work in close cooperation with the manager(s), who are responsible for non-debating related tasks such as dealing with sponsors, booking rooms etc.

There are two parts to this application: firstly, we ask you to write an open application (max 1 page) why you would be a suitable coach. Below we have listed the three most important criteria for the coach. Please consider each of them carefully and in your application include in detail how you fulfill them. Secondly, we ask you to present key parts of your training program for the autumn. Relevant questions might be e.g.:

  • How would you help the debaters to reach their maximum potential?
  • How would you structure the training?

Once you are finished, please send your complete applications to Anton Moisseev:

Here are the three most important criteria for the position:

  • Competitive debating experience: it is vitally important for the coach to understand the intricacies and rules of competitive debating. Breaking into the semifinals/finals of international tournaments as a debater or a judge is the kind of experience that in part allows a coach to mentor debaters who can achieve similar positions.
  • Teaching skill: we believe that teaching . We want to make sure that the team coach is able to efficiently train their team into top condition. For example we might look positively on past experience at organising debating workshops.
  • Dedication: this is the most important criteria for an applicant. We need to know that as a coach, you will put the team as a top priority and commit to the job. When applying, you must be sure that you can fill your position until the end of the year and that you are able to participate in all of the necessary workshops, training sessions, and tournaments.

The applications will be reviewed by a FINDA committee consisting of Anton Moisseev and Samu Kilpinen, although these are subject to change. The selection committee reserves the right to consult external experts in the selection. The deadline for applications is on June 13, 2016. We expect to announce the results in one week after the application period is over. For any questions regarding the process and the team itself, please contact Anton Moisseev:; 044-5480215.

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